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EXHIBITION | Shneider Léon HILAIRE| Miami | 11 may-09 june 2023

Rituals and ceremonies is the title of Shneider Léon Hilaire's new solo exhibition at Green Space Miami (USA).

The body of work presented was created between 2021 and 2023 at a time of collective existential crisis in Haiti, and more specifically in Port-au-Prince, where Shneider lives. The inspiration for this work reflects the need of people living in Haiti today, as they face threatening situations on a daily basis, to find meaning in healing and traditional rituals and beliefs, even if they don't practice vodou.

Hilaire's work shows a knowledge and attachment to these traditions that is rare to find in someone of his generation. Shneider's work is shrouded in a veil that conveys images of a world where the separation between the living and the dead does not exist, and where miracles are still possible. This exhibition is Shneider's first outside Haiti. The exhibition is curated by Axelle Liautaud.

"It's in the collective imagination of the Haitian population that I draw my inspiration, particularly in the beliefs, myths and traditions that I find very rich and that must be shared and preserved." Shneider Léon Hilaire

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