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Festival En Lisant - Edition 2021

The Contemporary Theater Festival En Lisant is set up by the association Brigade d'Intervention  Théâtrale Haiti (BIT-Haiti) since 2016.

For the 2021 edition, the theme of the festival was East of Miami or the rationalities of a worrying migration. According to the organizers, it was a "question around the exiles and departures caused by the unbearable social situation facing the country, the first black republic!" 

Among the results of the project: 5 directors, 30 actors and 20 technicians were able to practice their professions within the framework of the festival, 6,500+ people were made aware of issues related to migration, 9 institutional partners from the culture sector took an active part in the production of the 6th edition of the festival, 14 activities around the theater were set up (workshops, plays, conferences), 1 documentary film on migration was produced and broadcast and 1 web-series of 4 episodes was produced and projected.


UMANUM supported the organizers in raising funds for more than 50% of the overall budget of the project, in particular by establishing a partnership with AROCH (cascading funding program of the European Union).

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