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UMANUM carries out capacity building actions
with cultural organizations in Haiti

UMANUM creates institutional and professional environments conducive both to artistic and cultural creation and to the dissemination of works and cultural products. The strengthening of capacities and skills, at the heart of its actions, comes in the form of knowledge sharing, production of administrative and financial tools and manuals, fundraising, technical assistance and support, through projects adapted to the specific needs of organizations. cultural.

Organizational support

UMANUM sets up ad hoc organizational support processes according to the needs expressed by an organization and

accompanies him in his reflections

strategic. The firm develops an organizational diagnosis and provides recommendations for the consolidation of internal governance, human resources and knowledge management.


In addition, our experts advise the  organizations in defining their strategic action plans.

Resource mobilization

Resource mobilization refers to both fundraising and technical partnership. Fundraising aims to finance the initiatives of the supported organization. In this sense, UMANUM implements strategies that articulate the collection of subsidies, the response to calls for projects, the generation of equity and crowdfunding.

The technical partnership promotes the convergence of efforts and means of action. UMANUM networks and creates synergies between

cultural organizations of civil society, public administration and the private sector.

Project management

The principles of project management and working in project mode have entered the daily uses of the management of organizations, including in the world of culture.

UMANUM helps organizations to  design and implement programs and projects using results-based management methods. In accordance with the orientations and objectives of

the organization, the expert defines the action plan,  the expected products, the priorities and the performance indicators as well as the resource management methods.

Specific training and workshops

UMANUM works with professional associations, groups of artists,

foundations and administrations

public services and develops training engineering adapted to the needs andwingspan specific to each organization on the following topics: 

  • Strategy and project design and planning;

  • Preparation of grant file;

  • Team composition and dynamism;

  • Project monitoring and evaluation;

  • Drafting of narrative and financial reports.

Development of tools and methods

UMANUM helps organizations to act more efficiently and appropriately by developing tools and methods such as:

  • Dashboard and work plan

  • Administrative and accounting guides and manuals

  • Financial planning (detailed and realistic plan of future expenditures and income streams or subsidies)

  • Results and performance measurement tools

Institutional communication

For an organization, communication is important in order to make its activities better known and to improve relations with the general public.

Institutional communication brings together a set of actions aimed solely at promoting the image and values of the organization. UMANUM accompanies the design of a communication plan then mobilizes the professionals in charge of the creation and distribution of media in the press, in the audiovisual sector and on social networks.

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