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Human Rights and Women's Perspectives

Le  Centre PEN Haiti is an association of writers and journalists whose objectives include the defense of the right of expression of the workers of the pen and their working conditions as well as the promotion and dissemination of works of the mind.

The project Human Rights and Women's Perspectives  has contributed to the reduction of gender imbalances in literary, scientific and journalistic production. To do this, the PEN Haiti Center has organized and set up training in the creation of podcasts for women journalists and writing residencies for women writers as well as for women journalists and academics.


UMANUM designed the project and its deployment strategy. The firm provided Centre PEN Haiti with a consultant in charge of project management and fundraising. This project was set up thanks to the financial support of the French Embassy in Haiti, FOKAL and PEN International as well as the technical partnership with the following media: Le Nouvelliste, Haiti Inter and Ayibo Post.

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