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Implementation of a network for the creation and dissemination of Caribbean art

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Le Centre d'Art is a cultural institution created in 1944 and recognized as a public utility since 1947 which works to promote the visual arts of Haiti. 

This project supported the development and dissemination of Caribbean art by: (1) creating a Caribbean network for artistic creation; (2) promoting the artistic production of Caribbean women; (3) promoting the exchange of good professional practices within cultural institutions to improve the visibility and dissemination of Caribbean artists.

Le Centre d'Art has thus established partnerships with 5 creative spaces located in Barbados, Cuba, Trinidad and Tobago, the Dominican Republic and Jamaica. Other achievements were a program of creative residencies for women artists, a seminar on art criticism, practical training in exhibition curating and an exhibition of works produced during the residencies.

A UMANUM expert designed the entire project, including its implementation strategy, and launched the first activities. The project received financial support from UNESCO through its International Fund for Cultural Diversity (IFCD), funding raised by the expert.

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