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Educating through the arts: cement of a living together between Haitians and Dominicans


The Fondation Culture Creation  is a Haitian cultural institution, founded in 1992, recognized as being of public utility, working to promote and disseminate Haitian cultural heritage, in particular through education.

The project Educating through the arts 2021-2023  aimed to systematize the teaching of the arts in schools and socio-cultural centers in Haiti and the Dominican Republic. The Foundation has developed educational notebooks for educators, teaching manuals for 10 artistic disciplines including visual arts, cinema, music or traditional dance.

The project has made it possible to set up a series of training courses, including a seminar on setting up educational and cultural programs for directors and sessions focused on setting up artistic practice workshops for educators.

UMANUM designed the project and its deployment strategy. The firm has provided the Fondation Culture Création with a consultant in charge of project management and fundraising. This project has been implemented with the financial support of the Binational Program of the European Union, the Ministry of Economy and Finance and the International Organization for Migration (IOM).  

Development of educational notebooks for teachers

The pedagogical notebooks were born from the creation of a binational pedagogical council. The council is made up of two experts in Haitian and Dominican education, artists specializing in 10 disciplines from both countries as well as the project's technical team.

The notebooks are for the use of educators and offer 3 activities per discipline which are  dance, cinema, photography, visual arts, literature, movable cultural heritage, architecture and town planning, theatre, music as well as information and communication. Each notebook is available in Creole, French and Spanish.

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Seminar for the development of the binational educational and cultural plan 

It was held from January 31st to February 4th, 2023, bringing together 10 directors of schools and socio-cultural centers from Ouanaminthe and Dajabón. On the program of the seminar were: principles on the pedagogy of art, methodology of program assembly, accounting and financial management as well as intercultural exchanges.

The directors then produced educational and cultural programs to be implemented in their respective establishments. These programs are the way to introduce the teaching of Haitian and Dominican artistic and cultural practices to children.


Binational Educational and Cultural Meetings

From February 17 to March 5, 2023, the Binational Educational and Cultural Meetings took place. They brought together 43 art teachers and socio-cultural organizers, both Haitian and Dominican.

These binational meetings are part of a dual objective of transmitting the tools and methods of teaching artistic and cultural practices to children as well as encouraging dynamics of cooperation and co-construction between Haitian and Dominican socio-cultural educators.

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