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Institutional and organizational strengthening

The Fondation Culture Creation is a cultural institution, founded in 1992 and recognized as being of public utility since 2003. Its main missions are :

  • the promotion of national and international cultural exchanges through exhibitions, training, research and publications; 

  • the contribution to the construction of a society respectful of civic and cultural values through the education of young Haitians; 

  • the opening of fields of reading, research and production in the specific fields of culture, art, heritage and crafts; 

  • Boost institutions working in the field of art and culture by encouraging unifying grouping. 

On the occasion of the foundation's 30th anniversary, the Board of Directors contacted UMANUM to work on its institutional and organizational strengthening. 

The consultant made available carried out an organizational diagnosis of the last 10 years of activities on the following topics: internal governance, funding strategies, administrative and financial management, human resources practices and strategic programming.

The exercise made it possible to analyze the internal mechanisms in depth and to issue recommendations. For a year, the reinforcement methods used by UMANUM have led to concrete solutions, more precisely the results observed are:  

  • increase in the institution's budget (x 10);

  • recruitment of an executive team made up of four professionals from project management, finance and accounting as well as the secretariat;

  • the relocation of the institution to more appropriate premises to accommodate its new team and its activities 

  • strengthening the governance of the Foundation;

  • creation of tools and methods for managing international standards;

  • reactivation of the network of partners including donors;

  • development of a communication strategy including the creation of a graphic charter and the redesign of the website;

  • digitization of knowledge management systems.

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