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Article published on March 05, 2022

Last week of residency

“A month is much more than thirty days, much more than four weeks, when you are ready to take advantage of every moment. And there were moments! I went through euphoria, determination, relentlessness, work, anxiety, doubt throughout this creative process. During the residency, I was able to meet very interesting personalities from the Haitian literary world. Among others, poets, writers, journalists, actors and readers. Sharing has often been beneficial to my work. This month of March at the Center Pen allowed me to ask myself to listen to my guts and my pen. There was a lot of generosity in the game. And I'm happy with the end result. »

Stephana Dorval

The residency is part of the Human Rights and Women's Perspectives Program benefiting from the support of the #piscaa fund of the French Embassy in Haiti and the technical support of Umanum.

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