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OPENING | IJANS Exhibition | 11.02.2022

The IJANS exhibition aims to raise awareness of the climate emergency. The exhibition can be seen at Villa Kalewès, Pétion Ville (for the fixed part) and in cultural centers and schools in Port-au-Prince (for the traveling part).

The exhibition project was initiated by Kolektif 2D and benefited from the technical and logistical support of UMANUM.

UMANUM has accompanied the collective since the genesis of the project, ensuring the raising of 90% of the action's budget as well as the design and implementation of cultural engineering.

Exhibited photographs: FOKALExhibition curator: Judith MichaelScenography: Judith MICHEL, Ray-ginald Paklè Louissaint and Valérie BAERISWYLCommunication & Multimedia: Transandans Management Systems

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