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Negès Mawon Feminist Festival
2022 edition

NEGES MAWON is a Haitian feminist organization founded in 2015, working mainly in the promotion, defense and strengthening of women's social, cultural, economic and political rights.

The festival called on artists (music, theatre, visual arts, dance, literature, painting) to produce and innovate through calls for creation. In addition to promoting the economic development of artists and technicians, the festival has been a means of encouraging artists to question themselves, analyze and produce original creations or rereadings of works through the prism of feminist values. In this way, the public had access to more diversity of cultural and artistic expressions and to discourses of respect for the rights of women and young girls.

The collaboration with UMANUM has enabled the associationMAWON NEGESto consolidate its project and to raise 92% of the funds necessary for the festival, in particular with the Embassy of Switzerland in Haiti and KORE KILTI (funds in cascade of the European Union).

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